Mission Statement

A rising tide lifts all boats, we are all part of creating the culture in which we work, and a more supportive and inclusive culture benefits us all. This extends to both our microenvironments as well as to our global community.  A core principle of the Tye Lab is equity and parity for all members of our community.  Aligned with this principle, we also recognize that diversity in our team and in our broader community will breed creativity, innovation, and help reduce “blind spots.”

Diverse perspectives enrich our experiences but require more intentional communication and active effort to appreciate views different from our own. Reconsidering our own biases, assumptions, and opinions is something we should be doing every day as scientists — and as humans.

While we deeply value many facets of the culture in academia, there are also some systemic problems that we must work together to change. In an effort to contribute to the directed evolution of academic culture, I am opting to highlight the scientific/professional outreach and advocacy of our lab members.

We believe that a more holistic practice of reviewing academic merits — wherein service, outreach, and advocacy were valued as much as publications, citations, and dollars — would be a rising tide for the culture of academia.

Towards this goal, I would like to recognize the efforts that current and past Tye Lab members have invested to serve the scientific community, advocate for others, and provide outreach to expand and diversify the scientific community.  Please see below details of different events, programs, and resources that members of the Tye Lab have initiated, organized, or participated in, to promote outreach and advocacy.

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